My Personal View

I want the viewer to feel what I felt while I was painting the work. This is not an easy task as it comes from within and I must convey it through my eyes and senses to my brain and then, I have to lay it down with my brush and knife using paint while mixing it with my feelings.

Art is never an easy task; it takes Discipline, Dedication and Determination to succeed. I call them the 3D’s and without the 3, one can lay down their brush. One is always going to do better today than yesterday. My favourite quote is “good better best, never let it rest, till your good is better and your better best.”

I paint from the heart. Observation is one of the most important tools an artist can have and I believe “We must love what we paint and we must paint what we love and we must paint what we SEE, not what we THINK is there” a quote from Tom Roberts. When you can understand this quote as an artist you will find success.

Main subjects that I paint these days are Landscapes and Cottages. Models in the Studio worked in ‘Contre Jour’ entered my life in 2009 and this just extends my study of light.

After a trip to Europe and visiting France and Italy I am now inspired to paint scenes from Venice.